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    I just got home from the Verizon store. I am now receiving a 15% discount on my total bill because I am a Federal employee. I live in the DC metro area. Not sure if this is a nationwide thing or if it includes troops. But, it's worth checking out.

    I had to go to the store and show them my badge in order to get the discount.
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    I'm glad to hear Verizon is saving ME 15% as a tax payer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    The discount isn't saving you anything as a taxpayer.

    His Verizon account sounds like a personal account, not a government account.
    Actually I think it is. Your taxes are a percentage of your total bill. If your total bill goes down, your taxes go down.

    Also, FTR, Sprint gives anywhere from 21% - 27% for police.

    I have 21%. Told my boss. He called Sprint on the spot. His CSR had no idea what the % was, so my boss said, "try 27%." He punched it in and gave it to him, NQA.

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