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    Why would you expect CS to help you with a lost phone? (aside from suspending service or transfering it to another line) If he had insurance, that's who you should have called. If not, he's out of luck. CS is not going to replace a lost phone.
    Your comment makes no sense. A person who found someone else's Sprint phone has no idea if the person who lost it has insurance. The logical thing to do is to bring it to Sprint's attention, and it is logical and just decent customer service for Sprint, which is the party who can determine the owner from the ESN, contact the owner of the Sprint branded phone.

    About ten years ago I left an omnipoint handset in hospital waiting room while visiting someone in NY. Omnipoint store called me two days later. They had had my phone which a staff member gave to an Omnipoint store. They mailed it back to me.
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