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    So, my sister was planning to get the Moto Q9 as she is eligible for an upgrade. So we call to order the phone, but they said they have to charge us a $20 upgrade fee. Is this like a new policy or something, because I don't remember reading, seeing, or hearing about anyone getting charged 20 to upgrade there phone when they are eligible for one. I find this to be BS. They don't let us get the $100 discount because we didn't get the data plan. I didn't have this problem a few months ago when I got my Samsung i760. I got the 100 online discount and didn't get charged an upgrade fee at all and this was back in February neither did my friend to just got a 755p a week and half ago. Is this a new policy? Thank you.
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    When I upgraded to my 755p back in March they mentioned there was an upgrade fee, but they were waiving it since my reason for upgrading was due to hardware issues with my 700w. I didn't want another windows device so my only choice was either a 700p or a 755p and I wanted the latest and greatest. *grin* I did go in to the store to do the upgrade so maybe that made the difference.
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    interesting I never heard anyone mention of an upgrade fee. As I stated I didn't get charge, neither did my friend. I also asked a friend who got a EnV and she said they didn't charge her a fee either.
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    that there was a $20 upgrade fee if it was done at the store, but no such fee online. I went home, ordered the phone online, and received it the next day with free shipping. Doesn't make much sense to me.
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    this is how it works if you buy a phone and they return it for a different phone then you have to pay $20 it says so on the reciept.
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    the upgrade fee is charged if you are eligible for an upgrade, but do not yet qualify for new every 2.
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    upgrade may be free when done online.

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