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    Check out this link:

    The post is by Tristian, who is a board Moderator and works for Sprint. They have had Sprint Execs on the board saying it was being worked on and would come, but it is now official. In addition this fix will fix all windows mobile devices for 6.0 and above, along with every windows mobile device that is released from this point on (meaning after the fix is released) will be capable of Picture Mail. At this point he didn't say MMS for sure or if the Treo 800w will have it, however this release is expected later this year as an update to current phones.

    Here is the text from the post:

    Sprint would like to provide an update in response to recent inquiries about sending pictures from Sprintís Windows Mobile devices to other mobile phones. Currently Sprintís Windows Mobile devices support sending/receiving pictures between any valid email address and receiving Sprint Picture Mail pictures from mobile phones via text messaging. Picture Mail pictures received via text messaging appear as a URL that is viewable from the Windows Mobile deviceís Web browser. Sprint currently does not offer the capability to send pictures to other mobile phones by entering the mobile number to share photos. To address this issue, we are currently working on two solutions:

    1. We expect to offer a free Picture Mail software download later this year that will enable all customers with existing Windows Mobile 6 devices to send pictures to other mobile phone numbers (normal usage fees will apply).
    2. Beginning later this year, all future Windows Mobile device models from Sprint will be preloaded with the full Picture Mail application.

    In the interim we would like to remind customers that pictures can be shared from Windows Mobile devices to any email account via the Options/Send menu on the device. Pictures can also be shared from Windows Mobile devices through the use of Bluetooth, beaming and synchronization capabilities, and removable memory cards. We will continue to communicate updates here as the exact timelines and solutions are finalized.

    I hope you find this site useful. Please continue to post and help others by providing a phone rating.

    Just think, in a few months the Mogul will be a complete device!!! Windows 6.1 updates, Picture Mail, TV, GPS, Rev. A, it will be what it should have been when it was released!!!

    The Treo 700wx was a great device. Especially for one handed use, but it would be hard to give up my Mogul now.
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    Your link to the thread does not work... but thanks for the info... I'm sure it will help those who care about picture mail.

    I use email and find it a great way to share my pics when I need to do that... but I don't do that often.
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