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    Hi Everyone,

    I've run into some big issues with my Sprint bill this past month. I wasn't able to view it online for 12 days, I was told to make a payment because my account was past due even though the amount due on my account was $0.00, and now my phone wouldn't work today because my bill (that I could not see) was $324.

    Earlier this past month I called up to switch to the Simply Everything plan because i knew I was going to use my phone much more for work. I asked about having this plan take effect right away but they said they couldn't do that but they could give me 450 comp mins and said I wouldn't have to worry about overage mins this month. I was very happy and continued on my way through the month until a week ago.

    I was told that there was a past due amount on my bill even though there was a zero balance on my account online. I talked past that and things were fine. I tried looking up my bill online but I couldn't see it a few days after the cycle ended. OK, so I wait a few more days and I still couldn't see my bill online and the amount due was still $0.00.

    This afternoon I went to call my uncle and I was directed to sprint because a payment needed to be made. I asked if they could email me a PDF of my bill and that is when they told me my bill was $324!! On a normal month my bill is $90 (I had 900 mins, unlimited data, 500 txt, blah blah blah).

    They couldn't get the email to send and after a hour on the phone I was disconected. That leads to One Pissed Off Timmay.

    I call back and I finally get a PDF and I see that not only did I get charged for 294 mins overage but when I called about changing my plan they also removed my data and txt plan! All said and done they over charged me by $209 not factoring in my Corp Discount that was not applied to the bill.

    So two hours of being on the phone and three reps have not been able to help me. I took me 30 mins to convince them to remove the data and txt charges. Idk how much longer I can handle this bull341t.

    Does anyone know a corp number I can call and/or how I can break my Sprint contract early? I'll seriously buy an unlocked Centro and buy a SIM card Plan from Cingular (that way I don't have a contract) just so I don't have to deal with Sprint ever again!

    I've never had such frustrations with a cell phone provider. T-Mobile never gave me any issues and all problems I had were cleared up in 30 mins most times.Thanks for listening to me vent!

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    Try this number 877 812 1223, I've had a lot of success calling them. Also, if you're willing to stay with Sprint, see if they will get you on a SERO plan. $50for 1200 minutes/month, unlimited data, and unlimited texts. This is hard to do if you are already a Sprint customer, but if you're willing to cancel you're plan anyway you might as well give it a try.
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    I've had that same problem with checking my balance online and it's $0. But then I go to pay bill or some other part(can't remeber what i click on) and it shows that I have a balance. It's the same for my wife's account too. Very annoying, but now I know to look further everytime I'm checking

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