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    Looking for some input. I'm thinking about switching from ATT $99 unlimited voice w/mobile laptop card to Sprint $99 all-inclusive plus laptop mobile broadband card. Has anyone had experience with both providers’ mobile broadband cards? Which is faster? Also, I have great CS from ATT through a local company store. Can the local retail reps for Sprint handle my CS issues? I am in So Cal, and using a Centro.

    I am also hearing that ATT will be launching its 4G-hspda network soon, which will make the laptop mobile broadband service faster. Does Sprint have plans for upgrading?

    Advantages to switching to Sprint

    Lower overall cost 99+60 mobile broadband vs. ATT 99+30 data plan+60 mobile broadband

    Faster CDMA Data on Centro


    Unknown CS. I know a Manager at my local ATT store and pretty much get everything I could possibly want.

    ATT eminent 4G launch for faster Laptop (won't effect Centro data speeds though)

    Ease of switching devices with GSM sim card.

    Able to use ATT broadband Wifi at any Starbucks, Micky Dee's ETC. with Laptop card service.

    Your thoughts-comments are appreciated.
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    As far as disadvantages:

    Yes CS can be hit or miss. Maybe having a pretty friendly relationship with a local Sprint store might help but I wouldn't count on it. There are tricks here and there if you do run into CS issues such as using ecare and such but you probably won't be needing to use CS often.

    4G (Wimax) is likely to be launched on Sprint this year but nothing is set in stone yet. Also just like ATT it may not be launched in the areas where you will be using it.

    Sprint's online device changer works pretty good and makes device swaps easy so not a huge disadvantage there compared to SIM cards.

    Sprint has 3G (EVDO Rev A) on almost all of native network and EVDO Rev 0 roaming on Alltel which combined really are no comparison to ATT's smaller 3G network footprint so that would compensate for the Wifi in Starbucks thing.

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