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    No official VZW annoucement yet, but BB has it on their site. Might be time to try something new. It has been 10+ years with Palm products might just make the switch. How long can a man wait? my 700p is 2 years old....
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    I'm thinking the same thing. Long-time Palm user, but my 700P feels like a one-horned brick, lots of crashes and I'm on my 3rd replacement in 1.5 years. BB looks pretty good to me right now (although the iPhone would be tempting for the full browser, but I actually like my Verizon service).
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    Exactly. IPhone would be great. But I spent 5 monthes with AT&T and it was horrible. I was dropping calls left and right. I have a lot of friends who love BB.. But I was always a palm guy, but I can't wait any more!

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