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    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if there are any AllTel users on the forums who may be able to answer a question.

    I recently got a Treo 650 CDMA unit that I was planning on activating on Verizon but was told that the ESN was incorrect. When I dialed 611, I was connected to Alltel. Since we don't have Alltel as a carrier in NJ, I sold the unit to someone in Alltel footprint. They were able to get the voice & SMS activated but was told that they couldn't get data or email activated since the device was originally a Sprint unit (no branding on the device).

    Since the voice side works, it would lead me to believe that it isn't a frequency issue. I looked on my Verizon 700P Preferences under "network" & the Broadband connection is locked & I can't even see any of the Verizon settings but it looks like you can add a connection. Would that be the way to get it connected to data (in addition to Alltel enabling it on their data network)?

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    I'm sorry to say, but I believe they are telling him/her the truth. IF the phone has Sprint software on it, then Alltel can only get so many features on it to work, without having it unlocked by Sprint for Alltel to use it. I've read of people getting Sprint to "unlock" phones to be used on Verizon, but unsure if I've read of it being tried with Alltel.

    Unfortunately, the programing of a phone on a different network presents some limitations, such as this, when activating them with a different carrier... IIRC from my readings on Hofo over the years.

    Hopefully, I am incorrect. Sorry for your troubles.

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