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    Seems to me that on my lenovo, my sprint air card is way faster than 755p via pdanet. Looking for others to share their results.
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    Your Sprint air card would be faster because it does not rely upon Bluetooth or a USB cable. It provides a direct connection to the laptop.

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    Depending on which aircard you have, it may be connecting via EVDO Rev A, which either Treo is not. If so, that's why the aircard is faster than the Treo...
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    Anyone upgrade Mogul with Rev A? pdanet is a bit slow with Rev 0. Let me know how works out with the new Mogul.
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    Just a guess... the purpose-built aircard which isn't running any other software has an advantage, and the Rev. of EV-DO could also make a difference. I don't think that there would be a significant difference between PCMCIA or ExpressCard and USB, since even with Rev. A there's not a huge amount of bandwidth anyway. Maybe bluetooth could be a factor.

    Just my guesses, though.
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    the bluetooth is definitely a dog compared to usb. I appreciate all your reponses, but I'd like to read some results from another with a sprint sierra aircard vs treo 755p usb pdanet on the same laptop.
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    For the cost of the aircard, I am happy using PDANet for those times I need.
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    It would be a rare occasion when I would need it, but is PDANet the only way to hook a Sprint Centro to my laptop to get internet? I mean without paying for the tethered data plan? Since PDANet is not free, I probably will not even bother. Most of the time if I'm out of town, the hotel will have internet for my laptop anyhow.
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