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    I have a 650 on AT&T, unlimited data for $20/month, 3 lines on family plan, contract almost up.
    I would like to get a Centro.

    +Faster data rate on Sprint.
    -Unknown future of money-losing company.
    -Unknown coverage (live in DC suburbs: probably good coverage).
    -Hassle and cost of switching providers and numbers.

    Bottom line: is the faster data worth the other risks?
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    You may get some responses if you go to SprintUsers. At:
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    Unlimited data for $20 a month on AT&T? That sounds cheaper than I remember.

    I live just outside Boston, MA, and I've known too many people to have problems with GSM around here to bother with AT&T, but hopefully my experience and opinions will help.

    I was a Bell Atlantic Mobile subscriber, and I stuck with them and through Verizon until about two years ago. At that time I switched to Sprint to escape higher-priced phones and data service. I was concerned with Sprint's customer service reputation, but by that point Verizon wasn't giving me a good impression with their customer service. So, I abandoned my Treo600 on VZW and picked up a 650 on Sprint. Up until about a week ago, I was thinking that the Sprint signal quality was worse as I couldn't use my phone anywhere at woek anymore, and more recently I've had lots of dropped calls. I've switched phones temporarily a week ago and found that the problem is the 650.

    Regarding customer service, I haven't had any problems with then yet. As always with any carrier, your mileage may vary.

    Regarding the likelihood of the company going under... well, what's going to happen if it does? The worst-case scenario I can think of is that they shut off their network and stop answering their support phones and handling number portability requests. I personally would find it hard to believe that such a catastrophic thing will happen. I think there's more of a chance of a significant blizzard or hurricane hitting DC and knocking out service.

    So, if it works out that you'll get the services and features you want at the best price from Sprint, why not try them out? Be sure to ask all your questions regarding number portability in advance, and just try to be as prepared as possible.

    Then again, that's probably why you're here, right?
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    I'm very satisfied with my Sprint service in DC. Cheap, fast data, good coverage, no real issues with customer service.

    I've got a company BB on AT&T with edge, and web browsing is so awful slow I just don't even bother. EVDO is dramatically better.
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    If cost is important to you, do a search for SERO (Sprint Emplyee Referral Offer). 500 minutes, unlimited data, unlimited texts (I got this when I signed up, not sure if it is still offered) for $30/month. Can't find a better deal. I have also been very happy with coverage (southern NH, just got EVDO, love it) and the customer service (ecare and calling the right number when necessary makes all the difference).

    Of course they just lost a huge number of customers so maybe I'm in the minority (although I have heard that this was mostly due to the old Nextel customers not being happy with the transition). Anyway, good luck with your decision.
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    I have ATT and a centro, I have been with ATT for 60+days. I am done. Coverage is no better than Tmobile. I am going to switch to Sprint and get the Centro (data speeds and the $49.99 price for 1250 min and unlimited everything else can't be beat.)

    I am paying $152 a month ith att 1350 min, pda plan an 1500 text messages. Sprint will pay for itself in a few months, Did I mention ata speeds?

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    Sprint's SERO plan is great! Check it out. My family switched from Verizon and T-Mobil and have been very satisfied with Sprint.
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    I left VZW for a Sprint SERO plan and have had no problems.
    The few times I needed CS, I used e-care and had no problems.
    Porting took less than an hour, no billing issues (knock on wood).
    Sprint coverage is almost as great as VZW's where I live but it's never been an issue since I can roam on VZW, but roaming is a rare thing.
    Go to Sprint, you get so much more than cheapo VZW.
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    Go for Sprint. Even the regular family plan is cheaper than any other carriers. SERO is unbeatable.
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