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    February 29, 2008 1:24 PM CST - By: Michael Kwan

    Sprint has been trying to promote XOHM for some time now, but we never did hear when an actual cell phone with WiMAX capabilities would be released. The Apple iPhone from AT&T may lack any sort of 3G connectivity, but Sprint plans on leap-frogging that generation altogether to head into the world of 3G.

    But when will these phones arrive? According to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, the company plans on releasing dual CDMA/WiMAX handsets some time this year. He didn't specify exactly which handsets they would be offering or from which manufacturers, nor did he indicate a launch date any more specific than "some time this year."

    Well, this is the first time that we've heard anything about the WiMAX launch from an official Sprint source. Could XOHM be Sprint's savior?
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    I'd be looking forward to it if I lived someplace where I was likely to see this service anytime soon. I'm completely mobile. My office and work area are where ever I set up my laptop.

    XOhm looks neat.
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    I still have an existing line with Sprint that I gave to my daughter. Even though my wife and I are with at&t now, I didn't want to quit sprint fully with my corporate discount and all plus I do plan on putting my laptop on the airwaves and Sprint is my top choice so I wanted to somehow keep with them at least cost for me month to month out of contract with my wifes A900 I gave to my daughter and my Treo 700p I laid to rest. I have faith Sprint will get it together and rolling out Wimax might even be what helps them get it together.
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