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    I have not been around this forum for awhile and would like some input.

    I have a 650 with Sprint and have been out of contract for awhile. The worst part of my service is that is terrible in my house and for two miles around. Where I use it the most. I hear them but they can not hear me.

    I want a new iphone GSM (mac user) but it will probably be the end of the year and cost $600 with an expensive data plan before it is available.

    My question is should I renew for a year or two get a new treo $100 and a SERO plan ( I would like data access again - cancelled after my contract expired) or whatever best plan I can get from Sprint retentions?

    Or simply wait to see what happens with Sprint. I only pay $30 a month.

    Obviously I would 30 try the phone to see if coverage with the new phone is better.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The iPhone data plan is only $20. (Jobs is a good salesman all the way around.) Why will it be the end of the year before being available in you area?

    SERO is a great option, but cheap is no good if you have no service where you need it. Go with the 30 day trial on the Centro and see what happens. Then you can pursue AT&T and the iPhone . . . . but get it in writing that if you return the Centro within the 30 day period that the any contract extension is also canceled. . . you do not want to be locked into a $175 cancelation fee.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    Why will it be the end of the year before being available in you area?
    Whow you are still around here!

    Actually what I meant to say iphone 3G

    Best of Luck
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    I know that coverage is different everywhere, but I upgraded from a Sprint 650 to a Centro and noticed that I could get a decent signal with the Centro where the coverage was spotty or non-existent with the 650.
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    I've got to say something here. My wife and I traded in Verizon for Sprint in May when the 755p came on. I had a 650, and my wife a 600. We were dropping calls almost everyday, if not every other call. Neither of us have had a dropped call in a populated area since we upgraded. I've come to the conclusion that the problem wasn't necessarily Verizons, but the increased age along with the older technology of the 650 & 600 Treos compared to the newer ones. If I were you, and you really wanted an iphone in a year or so, I would by a 755 or Centro on ebay and continue with your current contract. Then sell them when you get your iphone. You won't be tied to a contract, and it wouldn't cost you much, and I'd bet you will find you have much better service even in the same places.
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