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    everyone once in a while i get this message - "your phone must be configured for vision services" i've had the phone a year - a 700p, Sprint.

    i hit OK and it takes forever doesn't seem to do anything and sometimes i must force a reboot.

    any ideas?
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    This has been an oft-discussed topic here with no 100% resolution. This periodically happens to me but only when I'm in a particular geographic location. I just force a reboot (pull the battery) and don't even mess with the provisioning since it takes forever and doesn't do anything, as you noted.
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    thanks- i did search the forums first but only found the same issue for windows based phone- so i appreciate your response
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    As Mark indicated, this is a well documented problem and with only partial resolution. I've had it myself. I did find a post of a possible resolution, which has partially worked on my 755p. Backup your Treo, then do a hard reset. Then go to the phone app and type in ##3282#, then hit the menu key and then click on Update Vision Profile. That has improved it for me, so that instead of my phone trying to update two or three times a day, its been one or two times a week. Not sure what causes this problem. Another poster with this problem indicated that he called an upper tier techie at Sprint and they were able to "recode" his account so that it no longer happened. Not sure what that was about either.

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