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    Here's the deal, I signed up for Sprint online in late October. I got my Centro in the mail on 11/1.

    After using the centro for almost exactly a month, its almost too small for me. I know it sounds silly... but I don't really like the slippery feel of the keys and body. if my hands are a little oily / slippery, holding the Centro and typing on it is somewhat hard. I am thinking this will not be the case with the 755p. The 755p has a tacky paint to it, and its wider... so I think it will sit in my hands better. On top of that, the keys are a little more 'rubbery' than plastic... so those might be a better feel. I really don't like the keys on the Centro.

    Should I switch to the 755p? CAN I switch in the store? Is it too late? Will this screw up rebates? Thoughts?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Do you want to switch to a 755?

    Have you called Sprint or gone into a Sprint store and asked them if you can swap it for a 755?

    Still under the 30 day exchange period?

    Do you think you would more comfortable with a larger phone?

    In other words, it's your decision.

    I use a Centro and the 700p and I feel comfortable with both devices.

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    As the post states, I got the phone on 11/1 so I am JUST within 30 days. According to the website, its actually 30 days from activation so that gives me an extra day or two I think.

    I will have to hold the 755p and really get a feel for it to see how much bigger it really is. You're right, the decision is totally up to me... now that I know I can go to a Sprint store I will just do that. Hopefully they can help me.

    Here is what I found online:
    Purchases made via or by Phone:

    Only Consumer customers are eligible for Buy online Return in Store policy. Employees, Advantage Club, Individual Liable, Corporate Liable and Business Customers are not eligible.

    You have the flexibility of selecting from two return options. Both options start with the same four basic steps:

    1. Call 866-789-8292 Monday through Friday to verify eligibility and receive return instructions.
    2. Provide your email address and account number to our representative, who will send you the required forms and instructions by email.
    3. Package the "like new" device in the original box, with all components and materials.
    4. Include a photocopy of the original packing slip.

    Return by Mail:

    After completing steps 1-4 above, attach the pre-paid return shipping label sent to your email to your package and send by mail.
    Return to a Sprint-Owned Retail Store:

    Prior to visiting the store, you must confirm that you are eligible for this return option by completing steps 1-4 above. A Return Authorization Form will be sent to your email signaling that you may visit the designated retail store to process your return. While at the store, the following items will need to be presented along with your return package:

    * Your Return Authorization Form you received via email
    * A state-issued photo ID or driver's license
    * The purchasing credit card (if applicable). Please note that only the person whose name appears on the purchasing credit card can return the item to the store.

    Returns made to a Sprint-owned retail store will be credited when you return your device to the store. Returns made by mail will be credited after the Returns Facility receives your phone. Please be aware that you will still be responsible for all access and airtime charges accrued on your account through the date of deactivation.
    30 Day Guarantee Eligibility

    Customers are limited to one exchange within the 30-day return policy. If your phone was never activated, you can return it within 30 days from date of purchase. If your phone was activated, you can return it within 30 days from date of activation. All returns must be undamaged and contain ALL originally packaged phones and accessory components (manuals, packaging, battery, charger, ear bud, clip, etc.). If any contents are missing or incorrect equipment is received, a credit or refund will not be processed and the incorrect equipment will not be returned. Any phones or accessories purchased through a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offer must return all phones or accessories purchased to receive a refund. This policy applies only to new equipment being returned for a refund or model exchange.

    Activation fees and early termination fees are waived for cancellations within the 30 days. Credit for the returned equipment is credited to the account within 30 days from the date the equipment is received at the warehouse. Credits may take up to one to two bill cycles to appear on the customer invoice. Customer can pay for replacement equipment by credit card or bill to account (if customer credit class is eligible).

    All equipment returned due to cancellation of services must be deactivated before it is returned to Sprint. If a phone is returned and service is canceled on a later date, the customer will be charged through the end of the cycle
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    You do know that the 755 is about $150 more?
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