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    I recently switched from a Treo 650 (Verizon) to 755p (Sprint) and am happy with the switch in every way except one: when I got my first monthly bill, all the charges were DOUBLED even though the billing period was clearly stated as one month. When I called Sprint to complain, I was told that that was standard, a sort of "deposit" like first and last month's rent when you move into a new apartment. That sounds fishy to me because

    1. There was nothing on the bill that stated any part of the bill would be treated as a credit or deposit
    2. If a deposit like this were standard procedure, why wouldn't it be charged when I activated the service? When you move into a new apartment, you pay the first and last month's rent before you can even move in.

    I couldn't find anything on Sprint's website or my contract that said i would be paying a deposit like this. Though, having said all this, I don't mind paying a deposit as long as Sprint doesn't "forget" I paid it when I eventually I close my account.

    So my question is, is this in fact standard with Sprint, and if so, to those that have left Sprint, did they "remember" the deposit when closing out your account?
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    I don't know about your personal situation, or Sprints determination of how to deal with your account......

    But typically, a deposit would be required based on credit rating and possibly some other things. I think this is true with all carriers.

    I would call Sprint CS and talk to an accounts supervisor and ask specific questions about what they are charging you for and specifically about the deposite. You should be able to get the answer(s) you are looking for.

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    Sprint charges you for this month and next. When you change plans they refund what's left of the current month and then charge you for this month and next at the new rate.
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    In New Zealand, I had the same experience (though I knew it was coming) with my first bill. Essentially, they like to charge me in advance of the month I'll be using. Any excess charges will appear on my next bill, obviously, but they charge me for my included minutes, txts and MBs before I use them. That's just the way it goes. If I terminate the contract part way through a month, I'll probably get a refund (or a credit against my early termination charge).
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    Here is a link to help you...basically this is normal with Sprint.

    Prorate, advanced billing, Activation fees, etc
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    Wow, folks, thanks for all the info! I guess I didn't pick the right search words on Sprint's site. Anyway now I don't feel like I'm gonna get ripped off for a month's fees when I change plans or providers. I appreciate all the input.

    BTW, I have a good credit rating so I don't think I was singled out for a deposit based on being a potentially risky customer.
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    Yea that happened to me. We actually got a bill in the mail about a week after we started. I called and they said that's how it's done. It's not a deposit, you just pre-pay for the service. I guess Verizon did it too because we got a check back a few weeks after cancelling, and I'd been with them over 20 years.
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    what sprint does is bill you a month in advance, thats all.. you are paying for the next month of service, so when you start your service, you are paying for the current month, as well as the one coming up.. now the thing is, your bill may be doubled, but the second half of the bill isnt necissarily past due, its just the full balance. im pretty sure a lot of carriers do the same thing, not just sprint

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