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    Well i need some help with what my next move should be. Currently I am under my parents family plan which is a fair and flexible plan with a total of 4 lines including mine. I just got the new centro and im still within my 30 day period were i can return the phone. Basicaly after they divide up the minutes and everything i pay 35 bucks a month base price for really about 300 anytime mins, free night and weekends at 7pm, free mobile to mobile. Then on top of that i pay an additional $10 for 1000 sms and $15 for data. So I pay $60 for all this.

    The only problem is that my mom upgraded her phone about a year ago so i think as far as the contract goes my number is locked in there for another year. Can someone please help me find a cheaper alternative and let me know if there is any chance of me getting my number out of there plan and getting my own?

    Edit also i would like to get a centro again if i get a new plan and with SERO and a 2 year contract would it still be only 99?
    Palm Centro
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    Fortunately for you, Sprint just announced a few days ago, that they were going to start pro-rating their ETF. So if you back out of your contract on your phone, you will only have to pay a portion of the ETF. As for SERO, you are correct, it would be a cheaper way to go. You get unlimited data, unlimited IMs, and 500 voice minutes/mo. for $30. And if you switch to a SERO plan before Dec. 31, you also get unlimited Text Messaging for the life of the contract, for no additional cost. Joining SERO, however, generally means you have to purchase a new phone. You can check out a very long but very useful thread on SERO in the site.
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    Sorry, I missed your last question. Another great feature of SERO plans is that you get all your rebate up front. Therefore, the CENTRO is $99 on the site. One final thing I forgot to mention is that there is no activation fee for SERO plans.

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