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    Despite the sea of complaints that get lobbied at Sprint and Verizon in these forums, I can actually report a positive experience...

    I have a 700w, 18 months old, out of warranty, and with no 'phone insurance. It died last week (charging port failure), so I took it into the store. They gave me a new phone (well, OK, refurbished but looks as good as new) for the grand price of $54 all inclusive.

    No new contract, still get the same NE2 deal (i.e. in 6 months I can get a new phone). Sure, I would have liked a free upgrade to a 700wx, but for $54 what can you expect? I was fully expecting to be on the hook for several hundred dollars or being in the market for a new phone (the i760 is not in stores yet).

    So, overall not bad. With this type of deal, it makes me winder why anyone would want to shell out for phone insurance - in this case it would have cost more!
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    lol... the exact reason I never got insurance... insurance is stupid... well, on verizon, I don't think sprint replaces the phone for $50 anymore (although, I might be wrong).

    If they don't I'll pick up the $4 equipment service ins after I've had the phone for 11 months. Of course, I bet against lost phone or water damage. I roll the dice, but have been lucky for almost 12 years (since I had a cell). Then again, if I think I'll be in a place that could hurt my phone I take a cheap phone. Works out great... I can see where ins on sprint might be good for some people.

    But yea, I'd bet sprint would put me back in a phone if I lost mine... unless it happens every two months or something.... but I would be willing to pay full price since it would be my fault... I'd pay no problem... lose a phone, I'm the *****, I know the rules....
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    I dont think insurance is stupid at all!

    About a year and a half ago, I bought a brand new razr from Sprint. I decided that I would add insurance to my plan which would end up costing me an extra $7 per month. I expense my phone bill each month so it's not coming out of my pocket.

    Anyhow, after about 6 months of owning the razr, one of my buddies got a treo 650. I thought it was a pretty neat device so I figured Id give it a try. I bought a refurb on ebay for about $100. Everything was fine and I went about life fairly satisified with my t650. Well...about a year later I got an itchy trigger finger and wanted to upgrade to the 700wx. I took my 650 to a sprint repair location and complained about some B.S. stuff, and much to my suprise, they gave me a brand new 700wx at no charge!

    I was always suprised that when I switched from the razr to the refurb treo650...they did not drop my insurance. I have a new 700wx!
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    Sprint exchanged my wife's A900 with a new unit out of the box that they had in the back free of charge at the Sprint repair center. I always keep insurance on my devices.
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