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    Has anyone had any luck lately switching from an existing contract to a Sprint SERO plan WITHOUT Early Termination Fee, changing phone number, or adding a line of service?

    I have heard success stories, but keep getting shot down by retentions and the employee call center at Sprint.

    Any instructions from those who have done this???
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    I got shut down too, but now I have a plan better than SERO! I called and told them my whole company was on verizon (which it is) and that they wanted me to switch, but I loved Sprint Better. The company would pay my phone for me, but if I could get all my services below $50 then I could stay with sprint. The girl gave me 2400 minutes, free text, unlimited vision for $45.

    Try going another route. Also I have 100s of sprint referrals, I max out every year. That helps.

    Every time you see someone with a sprint phone, Ask when they got it. If it was in the last 3 months ask them, How would like $10 bucks free! Then take their phone and dial *REF and follow the prompts. You get $20 on a sprint visa card and they get $10. I do this every month and have for about 10 years. When I was a dealer for sprint in college I figured this out so I could get people to go with sprint (They paid a higher commission in those days). I still do it and shows I am a super loyal customer.

    Good Luck.
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    Success !

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