So... about 22 months ago Earthlink was running a great deal on service and a phone. $99 for a 650. They appear to lease either sprint and/or verizon lines so it's worked well.

However, it's getting long in the tooth and has a few technical problems (among them the infamous loose headset jack issue).

My 2 year contract is up in December. Earthlink, as good as they've been to me in general, no longer offer upgrades to palm style phones. Right now they offer helios which I have no desire to get, and don't even consider an upgrade. They don't even offer current replacements. For example, I called a few months ago to discuss a repair to my audio jack, and they do neither repairs nor replacements to 650s any more.

My major question is, with this information, could I possibly be let out of my contract early with no early termination fee?