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    I am eager to upgrade my no-frills Samsung A560 to a Treo 755p, but won't pull the trigger until I get a clear answer on the month-to-month costs of supporting the new device. My attempts by web, phone, and in the store have produced THREE different answers, so I'm hoping the experts here can help.

    Current plan: Free & Clear Family 700
    Plan Features: ($50)
    * Free & Clear Plan
    * Minutes Are Shared On This Plan
    * All Minutes Included Long Distance
    * 700 Anytime Minutes
    * Unlimited Night and Weekend Minutes
    * Nights: M-Th 9PM-7AM Wknd: F 9PM-M 7AM
    * Caller ID, Call-waiting
    * Three-way Calling
    * Voicemail
    * Unlimited Mobile To Mobile Min (Included)
    * Unlimited Shared Night & Weekend Min 7pm ($5.00)

    With two lines of service ($20), the total monthly bill comes to $75 plus taxes and fees.

    The answer I've been trying to get is this: If I want to get a Treo 755p with a basic, unlimited data plan, how much more am I going to pay per month?

    If I had found a competent salesperson, I also would have asked: How much will my monthly bill be if I a) get a Treo 755p, and b) switch to a 550 anytime minutes plan (we usually call each other, so rarely go over 400 minutes)?

    I work for a university so perhaps I can get the university discount I've heard about, too.

    Ayuda me, por favor!

    Many thanks in advance...
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    I would switch to the 550 minute family plan which included 2 lines and add the $15 Power Vision Access service (the lowest cost data service). You bill will be the same, but you will have data! And yes, leverage a university discount. However, this will require a new two year agreement. Otherwise, keep your plan and just add the $15/mo PV - with the univ. discount it might be lower too.
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    The easiest way to go would be to call and just add the $15 vision plan. That's what it would cost you extra unless you decide to use some optional services such as texting or on demand, but most every phone has those available. After that, you might want to ask about changing plans to lower your bill. After you have the power vision on there I would email customer service about the discount. Be prepaired to someway proove you deserve the discount (link to your name on the university website) and then they will check it out and get back to you. I've found the email results are usually what you want the first time.
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