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    Hi there!

    I have an awesome Sprint Vision plan that I would like to keep, but I wanted to know if it was possible to get an EDGE-capable phone (ie - 755p or Centro) and be able to get the EDGE data speeds?

    Or does Sprint actually limit me from their end because I don't have a Sprint "Power" Vision plan? Will the phone still be able to have data, but at reduced speeds instead? Or will the phone not be able to use data at all?

    Thank you in advance!!! It's very important that I keep this plan if at all provides me with unlimited data and unlimited texting for free!
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    Depending on the phone you have is what determines what Vision plan you have. If you change phones Sprint will change the version of Vision plan for free.
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    Free? Well, maybe, but usually not. A power vision plan is generally $5 more a month that the equivilent vision plan, and doesn't include test messages without an extra charge.

    So while some have gotten free changes to PowerVision, it will probably cost you a little bit more.

    Oh, BTW, Edge is a GSM data feature. High speed data on CDMA plans on Sprint and Verizon is called EVDO.
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    I JUST went through this over the last week:

    I, too, had a great SPRINT plan with unlimited text and dada on my Treo 650. I bought a used Treo 750wx, because I wanted to simply swap out phones and keep my old plan. I got the phone, called SPRINT, and made the change. I asked them EXPLICITELY if I could keep my old plan, and they said "yes", so I made the switch. Yesterday I went online and checked my bill, and now I see charges for excessive text messages. So I called SPRINT, and sure enough, they had dumped my old plan and had me on...well, I don't know what, but I was really PO'd. I've been a SPRINT customer for like 10 years and they basically said "tough luck". If I had wanted to switch plans, I would have gotten a free/cheap phone out of them insted of buying a used one off of eBay. I even spoke with Retentions and basically got nowhere. The net of it is, as soon as you switch to a new EVDO capable phone, it will nix your old plan in the system, so be careful. I'm now shopping other carriers because I no longer have any reason to stay with SPRINT anymore...
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    I had a T650 with free data. I moved to a Q and they upgraded me to Power Vision for free also. No problems with my old plan. They will have to change the plan but it is questionable as to if you will have to pay for it or not (re: Santron above me!)
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    Usually retentions will work with you when you switch to PV - I got everything I had with my old vision plan for $2 cheaper but took a few calls to resolve everything. I actually have a better plan now. So be patient but persistent. They will work with you.
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