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    My girlfriend just bought a Treo and called Verizon to find out about getting it activated. First person she talked to said no problem not to get a data plan. She called again to make sure the ESN was clear and just happened to ask again. They said no activation fee, but dropped the bomb that to get picture messages that she had to have a data plan.

    Is that correct?
    Or is it Verizon's clever way to make you get a data plan - when all you really need to do is not get a data plan and then add Pix Messaging?

    Any way around that?

    Thanks for any help
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    With Sprint, picture mail needs a data plan.
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    This is from their website, it's called America's Choice Select:

    Unlimited Text, Picture, Video & Instant Messaging to anyone on any network in the U.S.

    Great Value!
    450 Minutes $49.95
    900 Minutes $79.99
    1350 Minutes $99.99
    2000 Minutes $119.99
    4000 Minutes $169.99
    6000 Minutes $219.99

    Unlimited IN Calling to any Verizon Wireless Customer and Unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes.
    Access to America's Most Reliable Wireless Voice Network.
    Browse included features
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    My Unlimited Text & Pix - the Pix did NOT apply to smartphones. They use Data for the pictures..... so it's either the Data Plan or pay as you go.
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    In my opinion, this was one of two downfalls from my moving from ATT to Sprint.

    One was the 160 char limit on outgoing text.

    and the fact that picture mail SUCKS!
    The entire picture mail philosophy is terrible. While most phone cos you send a picture, not a link to a picture, then you have to download it. The entire process is too much of a hassle to view the number of pictures my friends and I send everyday.

    That said I would take Sprint over ATT in So Cali anyday.
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    Your own message clearly states that picture mail through Sprint is horrible which makes me want to ask if the way Sprint does it doesn't meet your needs why would you choose Sprint any day over AT&T?
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    Quote Originally Posted by scandalex View Post
    Your own message clearly states that picture mail through Sprint is horrible which makes me want to ask if the way Sprint does it doesn't meet your needs why would you choose Sprint any day over AT&T?
    Do you choose your carrier because of it's ability to handle pictures? I don't so can you not understand the logic of not liking features as opposed to the whole package?

    I love my F-150 but I hate the gas milage, but I wouldn't drive a Toyota, doesn't make me not want my F150.

    I don't want to derail the threads original subject which is "picture mail requires a data plan" and even uses data
    which I think sucks.

    What is not to understand?

    Not to derail the thread but to answer:

    Cingy/ATT: Now terrible coverage since they dropped shared tower agreement (at least in So Cali) with T-Mobile. Number one reason: ATT Dropped calls like crazy.
    I want more on board memory. I like phone form factor (755p) can't get with ATT. I like price plan $50 1250 mins/unlim data/unlim text. Sound quality of 650 inferior to 755P.

    Negs for switching: listed above Dropped calls vs. picture mail (call quality important-pics not so much) got the picture?
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    Just to confirm, TraceyS is correct. You can have a Vzw Treo without a data plan, but you cannot send picture messages without using data. Many people just block National Access so they don't mistakenly connect to data. Then you cannot send pictures at all.
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    I have a treo without a data plan and unlimited txt messages. I do get a min charge every month on top of the my messaging plan for mms. In another thread I posted that verizon considers this a business phone. Get a program called battery dr. that will disconnect data after a pic is sent or received.
    Search the forums. This has been discussed a lot.

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