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    I am new to Sprint and a new SERO customer. I read in other threads that someone was able to get a 15% university discount added onto the already great SERO price. I contacted sprint through their chat website and they said that you cannot add any discount to a SERO plan. Yet I have seen where others have pulled it off (getting 15% off of the SERO price). I work for a major University and want to find a way. Anyone have tips on this?
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    I was lucky enough to have a rep add it on for me. I too work for a major university & they added on my 18% discount. I tried every 2 months though. It wasnt until the 7th month they had actually added it for me.
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    Thank you for that information. 18% is impressive. I hope I can convince them to do the same thing for me............What exactly did you tell them to get the discount on the SERO plan because they keep rejecting me - do I just keep trying - oh and did you call the request in or email it? And is 18% standard for all universities or does the discount percentage range from school to school? Did you have to fax them in your faculty/staff ID?
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    I had my corporate discount ("Nationwide Volume Program discount") of 23% before I was switched to SERO. They let me keep the discount on SERO. It's been a great deal.

    Not sure if starting with SERO if they'll allow the discount. I would call their business account number (not sure what it is now) and just tell them you want your Univ. discount applied to the account. If they won't, keep calling back and trying; someone will eventually do it for you.
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    I was able to get my 15% added to my account. It took about $6.00 off my bill which works for me...
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