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    Basically, I'm stuck on Verizon because Verizon gives me decent signal at my house and I get no reception with any other carrier. After taxes and stuff, I'm paying a little under $200 a month. Any ideas how to cut down my fees?

    I use approximately 1000 minutes and 2000 texts a month. I'm not sure where else I can cut costs without sacrificing usability.

    1400 Minutes America's Choice Basic Family SharePlan - $90
    5000 Text Messages - $20
    Unlimited Data - $45
    Insurance - $5
    Government Discount - $10 off or so

    Am I missing something? I know SERO users are getting it like $60 a month. Unfortunately, Sprint gets no reception where I live.
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    You can move becasue Verizon won't give you a break. I had a phone with Verizon that broke, I was out of contract, and they would not even over me a phone replacement which they were giving to anybody that was signing new contracts, even when I told them I would extend my contract. Old cutomer willing to extend contract two years =0, new customer with two year contact = new phone. Went to AT&T and signed up with them. That was my second biggeest mistake. When that contract was over I went to Sprint and eventually SERO. You don't even want to know what I'm paying. Our price differential could finance a car.
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    You mentioned that Sprint offers no service where you live. Are you referring to just your house or your entire local area. If its just a problem in your house, you could get a SERO plan as Sprint roams on Verizon and roaming is included. If its your entire area then this approach probably would not work because Sprint would probably cancel your contract for overusing the roaming.

    Another option is to get a cheap VOIP service like magicjack ( which gives you unlimited in and outbound calls to anywhere in the US for $40 for the 1st year and $20 for every year after that. Of course you would need a high speed connection and a computer to take advantage of that.
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    I'm curious. Where do you have to live to get only Verizon?
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    why do you pay for sms. I pay 5.00 a month for unlimited in network and 50 out of network. My family plan with my wife and me is 120 a month after insurance, txt messaging, etc. No data.

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