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    Just called Sprint support with *2 because I wanted to add a second line to my account. Was told that I could get a free LG LX160 phone for doing this so thought yeah, why not. They said they would send me the phone and it will take 1-3 days. Ok, in the meantime I have an old Palm 650 can you please activate the second line on that and once the LG phone comes I'll transfer it over. No sir, can't do that ! She talks with her supervisor and I am told that I can either activate the second line on my palm 650 and NOT get the free phone, or active the second line on the free phone.

    I ask her to transfer me to retentions and after a while my signal drops I called back and it's no longer possible to say cancel to get straight through to retentions

    So, what's the best and quickest way of getting straight to retentions now ?

    Many thanks.
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    866-571-0882 - but they will likely say the same thing. I want a new phone and will add another line (which they will credit our at $0) to do so, but she told me I could not swap lines for at least 30 days. BTW - they typically ship same day overnight. Can't wait a day or two?
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    Finally got through to retentions and they sorted me out. They always seem much more knowledgeable and helpful than the regular customer support.

    Free phone is being shipped out (said it could take up to 5 days) with a temporary number and once I get the phone I can call back up and ask to transfer the number I need (from Metro PCS) to the new phone.

    That way the second phone will only be down for a minimum amount of time while number is being transferred. All worked out well

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