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    We have the old grandfathered family plan 2000 for $100 with unlimted vision. I have been coveting a treo for years now and really want to dump my old phone and pda and get my treo. We also get the corporate discount (17% I think) off the $100. So it has been pretty good deal. With my old phone, using yahoo mail, I can access my email and surf the net via vision (albeit for only some sites, due to my small screen).

    I am so so vs. power vision, sero plans, etc. I am seeking advice. I have reviewed many of the wonderful posts here, but basically each new post just confuses me more. My options I see thus far:

    (1) attempt to keep my grandfathered plan and purchase 2 755p's and have them replace our current phones (either through sprint upgrade plan, or some other source)

    (2) toss out my old plan and run to the sero. Based on your info and checking their website, I could get 2 plans for under $100 with comparable services, and essentially more minutes overall. I'd have to add a text plan, but we use texting not so much. My main question here is if I move to a sero plan, can I still add on my evp discount from my employer? (the 17% off) If I lose the evp discount I am again paying more. It looks like with sero i can purchase two 755p's for decent price (as new contract), with no activation, and no mail in discounts.

    (3) haggle with retention. Try to bargain for better new plan, credits to cover the additional monthly costs, better deal on the phones. This seems to have potential, but I am not so good at bargaining. Me and my husband never seem to think on our feet to say the right things.

    So am I missing something? Anyone have some time to advise me on what might be the best deal? Any ideas on pros/cons of these options? Thank you so much in advance!!
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    A couple of things as I know them - you have a good plan now. My 1500 minute family plan is $89.99/mo and I only have free PV on one line (out of 3). Moving to SERO is difficult (not impossible, but difficult) with an existing number. No additional discounts are allowed on SERO - I mean, come on it IS a deep discount already!

    I would suggest you go right to retentions first and see what you can get. When I went from my T650 to a Q, they upgraded my free Vision to free PV no questions asked.
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    I had the same plan that you do. It was definitely worth it to go SERO. Right unlimited test is included. Get it while you can. You may not use text a lot now but you might in the future. SERO with unlimited text has prety much everything Sprint has to offer and you can get it for $30. I have my corp discount with 3 sero lines.

    I did not get my sero plans with unimited text but called Sprint up later and they added it with no issue.
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    I currently have the same old plan with an old phone. I have been debating on getting the Treo 700wx for a while now, but Sprint service sucks in my home. I am not sure if it's worth the switch to Verizon even though I will pay more over there.

    Can someone explain the SERO plan to me please? Thanks!
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