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    Hi all,

    I recently got the new Blackberry 8830 (World Edition) through the SERO plan.
    The SERO plan consists of unlimited Web and data. But as I realised this does not apply to Blackberries. And an additional unlimited data plan for Blackberry was required on top of the SERO plan.
    Is this right? Has anyone else experienced this before?

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    Yeah I think I've read about that.. The BB service is proprietary so I can see why you're paying for it. Is it another plan all together or an added fee?

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    To use the Blackberry Data plan I need to get back on to the regular voice plan. This is what I was told. I can't add a BB plan to the SERO Plan.
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    They sell Blackberries on the SERO web site. I wonder how that works?
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    The information on the SERO site states an extra $39.99 will be added in addition to the SERO plan. However it also states that for a LIMITED TIME you can have the BBPlan feature for $25.99 if you sign up before 9/27/07.

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