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    Hi, I've got a question about my Sprint plan but I don't want to call Sprint CS and get flagged as a difficult customer so I'll ask here.

    I've got a SERO plan with 500 minutes. I'm pushing 700 minutes used. How do the fair and flexible charges work? If I click on fair and flexible, it tells me to click on plan details to see how it works but when I do that, there is no explanation of what happens when I exceed my minutes.

    Thanks much.
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    If you choose the option to add flexible mintues, the plan will add 50 minute "blocks" for $5 - so you would be looking at an additional $20 for 200 minutes over the 500 you have. The only downside is if you go over just a little, then you waste minutes/money.
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    Wrong...Sero plans charge $5 for each block of 30 minutes over plan allowance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonman View Post
    Wrong...Sero plans charge $5 for each block of 30 minutes over plan allowance.
    For customers with existing grandfathered fair and flex plans. Sprint doesn't offer fair and flex plans anymore. I have a grandfathered fair and flex plan that gives me more minutes for the price with NW@7pm, so I don't want nothing to do with any of the new plans as of yet. I also don't like making changes because Sprint always messes up my bill for two or so months in a row after changes no matter what it has seemed so I will stay with this as I am saving for as long as this pony will allow me to ride.
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