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    how does everyone go about switching phones with sprint? I am new to sprint from GSM Cingular where I would just swap out my SIM and go (ONLY thing I miss about Cingular). When activating a new phone do you have to take it into sprint (this is what i am fearing...)? Do they charge (I hope they would not)? Basically I would like to have two differnet phones but if it is a big pain to get the active phone switched often it is a no go. Someone please say oh you just dial this # and enter the ESN and bam! you are good.....
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    Sprint can do it over the phone but they usually want to charge $18. I guess they would do it as often as you like as long as you pay. It can take from a minute to a coupel hours for the switch to take effect in my experience.
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    You have to call in or visit a store. There is no charge if the phone has previously been activated. They say it can take up to 4 hours for the phone to fully provision, but I've always been able to use it seconds after I hung up with the rep.
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    however, each time you do it, it resets your rebate status clock.
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    Yes, that is true. However, if you have gotten an upgrade from Sprint after September, 2006, that's not an issue. You can also just make sure the rep indicates somewhere that the rebate clock should not be reset, since you didn't receive a rebate.
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    not talking about receiving a rebate - I am talking about the one year $75 or two year $150 upgrade rebates. Those time frames get reset when you do a ESN swap.
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    Um...that's what I was talking about, also. It basically works like this:

    Before September 10th, 2006, Sprint's policy was a $75 rebate on a new phone upgrade if you had your previous phone for 12 months, and a $150 rebate if you had your previous phone for 24 months. After September 10th, 2006, they changed their policy to 12 months (possibly 11), and 24 months. They also corrected the problem with the previous policy that said the old phone had to be activated for 24 consecutive months. Now, the policy is that you have to wait 12 or 22 months since you received your last rebate. Therefore, ESN swaps don't affect your rebate clock.

    However, that last clause ONLY applies after you have upgraded your phone under the NEW upgrade policy. If you have NOT upgraded your phone through Sprint after September 10th, 2006, your rebate clock WILL reset every time you do an ESN swap, UNLESS you specifically ask for them to make sure there's a note somewhere that your rebate clock should NOT reset.
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    FWIW, I've had a few reps tell me that an ESN swap only resets the rebate eligibility clock if you either get a new (not refurb) phone from Sprint via insurance or if you get a discounted phone from them.

    Regardless, I would do as suggested in this thread and make them note it in the system.

    I've heard others have cloned their own ESN on another phone and shut down their primary then power up their secondary when they want to use it. I mention it because you are likely to hear about it in other forums or a google search. It's probably not a good idea to do for 2 reasons. The problem is the legality of it is questionable and you could get your account deactivated by doing it.
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    stroths, the reps are right, but only if you have upgraded after September 10th, 2006. After your first upgrade under the new policy is when the new policy fully takes affect on your account.

    As of right now, cloning your ESN is illegal, so it is risky to do that. The chances of them catching you are slim, but it's still not worth the risk, in my opinion.
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    I switched my ESN a lot of times. Is FREE. Sometimes their CS will tell u to upgrade or whatever. But it should be free with no charge.

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