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    who is better. I have verizon but not at my house. Love it everywhere else..Should I give it up for AT&T which I do get at my house?
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    Gotta have coverage at your house!
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    Just forward your calls from your cell to home line when your there.
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    to much long distance from the house. That would cost me hunderds a week!
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    Do you have a landline? I'm guessing so, so is it really that important to be able to talk on your cell at home? Are you home more than in town? Where are you the majority of time where you need your cell? I would stay with VZW simply because they have a better system (CDMA vs. GSM) IMO.
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    I am using TMobile @home. Coverage at home is now great due to my wifi network. Now I want a linux Treo with wifi and UMA access.
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    I make alot of long distance calls.
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    what is IMO? I am sure it is a stupid question, but just can not figure it out?
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    in my opinion
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    In My Opinion, IMHO - In my humble opinion

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    LOL I thought IMHO was honest for some reason.

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