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    I just tried to arrange for my 650 to be sent to Asurion for a trade-in, since I have a problem with the keyboard. It turns out that Sprint will no longer put you directly in touch by phone with Asurion; instead, you must take your phone to a customer service center, and they will handle it there.

    Why am I paying $7/month again ($14 total on two phones) ?
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    If you get it fixed/replaced in a Sprint store, it costs you nothing with the $7/mo insurance.
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    When signed with Sprint it was $6 a month and it went up to $7 without notification, I just noticed it on my bill and I started *****en about how I am now paying $14 a month for two phones until my wifes A900 couldn't hold a signal and camera stopped working. I took her Blade in and they replaced it with a new one free of cost. I had no intention of dropping the insurance but I finally got some return. I have been lucky to have had the same 600 for 2.5 years and my 700p for over a year on the same device.
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