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    Hello all.

    I need to reduce my monthly costs and get some text capability and unfortunately need to stay with Verizon due to coverage issues w/ Sprint and other carriers where I live in northern NJ.

    1. Are there any promos in effect now?

    2. I have heard of people getting bundles of text messages included--any knowledge?

    3. Anyone have any good luck with "retention" if it exists at VZW? Meaning, if I ask them to be competitive with other carriers will they try to help or say "don't let the antenna hit you in the *ss on the way out?"?

    I realize that much of this relates to the individual rep one deals with but I'd be grateful for any advice.

    Many thanks and be well, all.

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    Verizon does not have retentions. It has three levels of support. Verizon charges you more, doesn't cut any breaks, etc. The price you pay for great service though.
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    Been there also. Used to live in North Jersey - all the way up in Bergen County (Hillsdale). Verizon was the only carrier I found that had decent service. AT&T sucks in both N. Jersey and the City. Sprint was my original carrier moving up there but the signal was so lousy, I had to go with Verizon. Don't know about T-Mob as I have no experience with them up there. Lots of folks I work with do have TMo as their carrier (Dallas area primarily) and love them. Cheap plans, great customer service. Just would check on how their coverage is up there first. But the above poster is correct. The only thing Verizon Wireless will give you is a bill. And a replacement Moto Q for the original POS that died 5 months after I got it. I'm hoping this one dies too - VZW will let you switch devices after "3 strikes". On the bright side, I travel cost to cost and their network blows everyone else away. But, yes, you pay for that!

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