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    Meaning I am on month to month. But I heard a buddy go through the call and somehow weasel $199 for the 755 with 2 year activation. Is this true?

    Whats the best deal right now that you can validate? Sero plan? Or just call Sprint?

    I am open to signing up again for another 2. Good stuff.

    BTW, the buddy had also resold his 650 on ebay for $180!!! So all in all, almost a free upgrade...

    Sprint Treo 755p (ex-650) user and loving it.
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    Don't nag too much as you may get a termination letter from Sprint in the near by future if you have read anything on the forums lately.
    at&t iPhone3G
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    Search - SERO

    Treo 300-650-755P, Contract ends 11/30/07. SERO F&F 1250, The following are unlimited: N&W (7PM), Mobile to Home (M2H), Free Incoming, Vision Data, Text Messages for $49.99 - Plus Sprint AIRAVE @ N/C.
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    my contract is up and tried to see what they could do for me.(i prefer my 700p but its getting beat up and if I can get a 755p for cheap , what the hay)
    tried 4 occasions and basically told no way under the advertised deals. after reading about people being cancelled I will not try again. I had a few billing issues recently and had to call a few times the last few months .so I expect my cancelation anytime soon .LOL. Funny they over charge you and your not expexted to call them on it.
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    and I have to add they wouldn't make a deal with me and I am a long time user going back to the Vision attachment on my Visor Prism.that long.I still can't believe I went out in public with that huge brick hanging on my side. I must have looked like Get Smart on his shoe phone when I made a call. It was that big.
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    Ha! I had the Sprint Visorphone too. I know people were mumbling "dork" under their breath when I pulled that thing out to make a call!
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    Man.... I am so jealous. I was only like 14 when that thing came out. Wish I'd had one. Lucky!
    I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by fleeing the scene of the accident!

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