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    Sprint will launch a new branding and marketing campaign on July 1st, further pushing the Nextel name out of the minds of consumers and highlighting the company's mobile broadband services. Sprint Ahead, as the campaign and new slogan for the company is called, will involve TV, print, and outdoor advertisements and will focus on the speed aspect of Sprint's network.

    Sprint's new branding and marketing is built predominately around the company's mobile broadband network, which it claims is the largest and fastest in the US. Mobile broadband is a growing niche in the US, and is something that has been further brought into consumer's minds with the launch of the Apple iPhone. The iPhone touts a great mobile internet experience as one of its draw cards, but lacks high-speed wireless access over AT&T's network; Sprint's new branding could be a way for Sprint to steal back some of the limelight from the iPhone goliath.

    Sprint is nearing completion of its EVDO Rev. A rollout, and will be one of the first providers in the US of WiMAX technology. The Sprint Ahead campaign, designed by San Francisco-based Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, is setting up for the broadband service-orientated nature of the Sprint business in the near future.

    Sprint Launches 'Sprint Ahead' Marketing Campaign
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    I've been seeing a Sprint commercial on The Travel Channel for the last week that has someone with a 755 and someone next to her with another phone and they are racing each other downloading a file and it shows how Sprint is much faster and say it's three times faster than AT&Ts network. I don't remember word for word, but I could tell they were doing it because of the iPhone coming out.
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    Sprint has even launched the 8830 earlier than scheduled. I am hoping there will be a CDMA version of the curve because the only thing lacking for my wife is a camera.

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