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    Is this a one time $5.00 or do you get $5.00 Every month for getting your bill online...

    Here's how it works:

    * Every month you'll receive an email letting you know when your bill is ready to be viewed online.
    * Once you've reviewed your bill, it's easy to pay online. You'll never lose another bill and no paper to shred.
    * You will receive a $5 invoice credit once enrollment is complete.
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    This is a one time credit.
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    Some people are able to get it for every month... I'm not one of them....

    It is suppose to be a one-time deal, as freaktom said....
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    you could always do it, then cancel and not do it, then do it, then not do it.

    i've heard of people doing that before.

    but yeah. it's a 1 time credit.

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