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    Sorry it's a rant thread.

    Beginning. Last month 23rd. Signed up a new agreement after having a Sprint plan for FOUR years. Bought three new phones. Added a new line. Saw the 755p. Drool. Went to the store. Drool. Went back to the store. Bought it. Bought the wife a new phone. Bought the mother in law a phone. Took the clerk 2 hours to get the phones up and running because his workstation kept crashing. Agreed to the Data service. System crashed again. Felt sorry for the guy. Couldn't get frustrated. What would it help. Five year old was being patient.

    Finally. Done. got my phone. Loved it used it. Made a good faith effort to check the billing online three times to verify that billing was correct. Kept receiving we're sorry the details are unavailable due to some transition. Something similar to that. Tonight I'm checking out my new favorite forum. Decided for some reason to check the sprint account. They've been charging me for the internet access. No big deal. A simple mistake of theirs.

    I call customer service and explain the situation about the trouble the guy had at the store, how the internet service didn't get on my line, the good faith effort of checking my charges and not being able to. Well we're sorry sir but the notes on the account clearly state that you declined any additional services. Yes thats right, any services additional to internet access. No sir. Any services at all. Hmm.. k. let me talk to a supervisor. Ok sir. Sir I don't have one available. One will call you back. They have 48 hours to return the call. I have 3-4 days before my 30 day lemon law clause thing kicks in and I can get out of the contract. I told her that and the surpervisor needed to call me back tonight before I cancel my account all together. So she transfers me to some resolution queue. SO again I explain the story, fully expecting to have the issue resolved. Sir you declined any additional services when you renewed the contract. Great have a good evening goodby.

    Called the Sprint store. It was open til 9:00. Told them I was coming to return the phones. They suggested I call customer service to resolve the issue. Collected the wife's phone drove to the mother in laws to get her phone. Walked in with three boxed phones. Told them I wanted to return the phones and cancel the contract. They asked if they could try to resolve the issue. Resolve the issue? You caused the issue. Asked what I was going to be charged. They told me the monthly charges, including the $100+ internet charges. Told them never mind. Just give me my phones back, I'd settle through the BBB.

    On the drive home I started thinking I still need to take the phones back and get out of the contract. If I don't get out of the contract they might try to nail me with a cancellation fee. So I'll return the phones and cancel the contract. Send the BBB a message about the internet charges. I've gotten a LOT of issues resolved through the BBB. Why has customer service come to this with so many companies?

    If you've gotten this far. Thanks for reading. I'll miss my 755p.

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    You know, even if you take everything back and return the phones, aren't you still going to be responsible for the charges? Don't cut your nose to spite your face. You can always add the unlimited internet and it's only $15 per month. Anywhere else is going to be over $40 per month. Why don't you copy the post you wrote and go to your account online and email it to the pricing part of the 'contact us' section. They have been very good and understanding to me, and they will get back to you within 24 hours. Do it tonight if you can.
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    Unfortunately you are not alone. Hundreds of people leave Sprint every day because of a bad customer service. The only reason I stay because I have a retention deal which makes my plan relatively cheap. However even that plan got screwed up after I upgraded to Treo 700p and it took about 2.5 months to get it resolved about 85%
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    Ah if I went to the BBB.. I'd be getting everything back. Companies will do just about anything to resolve a BBB complaint. To be honest I wouldn't MIND paying the other charges since they are fair and add in the $15 monthly fee for internet access. But the $100+ isn't happening, and since they've wasted my time and energy, and I'm going the route of the BBB, I'll go for everything. Done it before. Do it again when I get bad service. I don't blame the guys/gals answering the phones, they're doing what they are told.

    Just took another look at the account and saw that the internet service was added to the mother in law's phone line. Oh well.

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    You could call retentions and try to get on the SERO plan and maybe they would cover the internet charges for you since the plan gives you unlimited internet
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstudboy1 View Post
    You could call retentions and try to get on the SERO plan and maybe they would cover the internet charges for you since the plan gives you unlimited internet
    Unfortunately, the "resolution queue" that I mentioned in the first post was retentions. I couldn't remember the name of it last night. Thanks for the thought though.

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    All cell companies suck. Their customer service sucks. Their stores (company owned) suck. Can't tell you how many times I've gone through retentions to get stuff fixed. Changing plans without notifying, adding services I didn't order, cleverly disguising additional charges, charging activation fees 3 months after buying the phone, after being told activation was being waived...

    These were not just to me. I've had to fix friends & loved one alike.

    Why do I stay with sprint (lower case is intentional)? They have the best plans, equipment, & coverage where I use it most.
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