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    I currently have 2 separate Sprint plans that I'm looking to merge. Not currently under contract on any of the phones, except one of the add-ons (ends in Aug 07). Also looking to upgrade from a 650 to a 755. Here are my existing plans:

    1st Plan ($130/month) Includes: 4 phones with shared minutes, 2500 Anytime Minutes, Nights and Weekends start at 6pm, free mobile to mobile, free long distance, unlimited text messaging, America Roaming.

    2nd Plan ($120/month) Includes: 3 phones with shared minutes, 2000 Anytime Minutes, Nights and Weekends start at 9pm, Unlimited Internet (PCS Business Connection - Personal Edition), PCS Voice Command, free long distance, unlimited text messaging.

    I'd like to maintain my current phone numbers on at least 3 of these lines, port a number for 1, and new numbers for 2. I also will need unlimited internet for the 755.

    Doesn't look like SERO would work for my needs. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. What plans/incentives should I look for?
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    Well, the first plan looks okay with four phones, but why don't you get three new SERO plans for the second? You can get two 500 minute plans, and a 1250 for only $105 including nights and weekends at 7, long distance and roaming, and free internet on all three and text (if bought before June 30th. If plan 2 has the phone that ends Aug. 7th just port that number then. And I'm sure that you can exhange numbers on any of your phones on plan one with the 755 on plan two if you wanted to.
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