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    I'm using a Treo 650 on a family plan (with one additional phone that my wife uses). My phone is out of contract and eligible for the upgrade credit. She upgraded earlier and so has contract time remaining.

    Question is--at, it appears that it is possible to get the $150 credit when agreeing to a new 2-year contract, plus an additional $100 online-only rebate.

    But when I talked to customer service, I was told that the only way is to add a new line of service. I suppose that means adding phone #3.

    Question: Can I get away with adding a line to the family plan in order to get the max discount on a new Treo 755p, and then cancelling the line my 650 is on since its contract has expired? Or will I just get stuck with a third line that I don't want?

    All advice will be appreciated.

    -Ian in Hawaii
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    I am pretty sure that it can be done. I almost did it when the 650 came out but ended up keeping my line. The thing is, you will most probably lose your number.
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    I call retention and complained enough until I got it for $100
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    I can't see where the $150 credit for signing up has anything to do with the $100 rebate. Can't you go to a company store and sign up and get the $150? Then ask the guy for the rebate form and send it in with your receipt. I think it would probably not only work, but would be okay with everyone involved. Then sell your 650 and upgrade for a profit.
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    Yes, it can be done, but that's a hassle that you don't need to go through. If you're eligible for an upgrade rebate of $150, that's it. You don't need to add a new line of service or anything. Also, the $100 rebate is from Palm, and you get that for buying a Palm device, not for activating a new line of service. That customer service rep just told you wrong. Just call in and talk to someone different, and you should be fine.

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