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    Well I sent eCare almost the same message you have posted above. I got the same 1st response from Sprint that you got. I sent them a reply again similar to yours and got shot down the rest of the replies I got. I got everything from "Its only for Referred customers, Only new accounts or adding to your account to its out of my control as our systems do not allow use to do this.

    I have sent an email almost everyother day and have been shot down 5 times already. I would truely love to be on the SERO plan. Any more suggestions?
    Call in... Keep calling in till you get somebody to do it. It took me three different times calling in. Calling in around 10:30pm est always seemed to work best.
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    Its worth the try. I will call tonite and see. Hopefully I dont get caught up with someone from E"I dont"Care...
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    Well here goes strike 3... I called and after spending almost 40 min on hold it took the Sprint rep 2 min to say no they couldnt do that as its only ment for new accounts or adding another line.

    I shall try again tomorrow nite but if its not ment to be its not. Those who were able to convert are very lucky.
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    My story is just beginning:

    My current SERO plan is up in February but my Treo 650 may not make it that far. I want to upgrade to a 755p but I want to keep the same line - I am happy and willing to extend my current plan - how do I go about this? Can i do it online? I think I can get the phone for $250 - trade in = $200+/-

    any advice before i embark would be greatly appreciated - also - can I sync my 650 stuff over or do I need to reinstall everything?
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    After 5 emails to eCare, I have finally convinced them to switch my 2 line family plan, IN CONTRACT, to 2 seperate SERO lines, without changing my phone numbers or paying termination fee.

    I tried Customer Care, retentions, and Employee Accounts for total of about 10 phone calls today to no avail.

    It is still possible.

    Good Luck!!
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