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    I am thinking about switching to Sprint from another carriet. One feature this other carrier has that is real handy is the ability to check your POP3 email from their website as well as the phone. This is handy since where I work I do not get cell coverage inside, and my employer blocks email from ISPs like Comcast, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

    My question is does Sprint offer subscribers a similiar option? Is there an area on the Sprint website that addresses this. It is important that I be able to responde to emails throughtout the day, and without that ability on Sprint I would not be able to change.

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    Yep, you sure can. Just log into and click on the link for PCS Mail. I don't use my Sprint e-mail so I can't vouch for how good the interface is, but the access is there.
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    ^the UI is typical and no problem to use. To the OP, you can also just setup your email client on your computer to get your POP mail. There is a help page that tell you the server address for pop & smtp. Good luck.
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