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    I am in DC on business, new 700wx on Sprint in hand. Left the Tmo 750 at home. Rats.

    I saw an advert on local TV last night boasting about Sprint coverage here. Well half the time my 700wx shows the big R because I'm roaming on VZW. At this moment I am on 15th between H and I at the Sofitel. Third floor. By the window. And my Treo is sometimes on VZW and sometimes on Sprint.

    Toujours le network Sprint en L.A. (It is a French hotel).

    So what gives? Why the constant roaming here?

    (BTW there is a Tmo store right across the street and I'm using Tmo wifi instead of paying the hotel for internet at $10 per day. Mwahahaha. Take that Sofitel.
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    could be phone specific because i have no trouble in DC or the DC Metro area on Sprint with my 650. In fact, the only area that gives me trouble is a very short stretch on the GW Parkway heading south just after the 123 exits. Otherwise I have at least 3 bars and flat out kill my wife's Cingular coverage in the area.
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    I find Sprint coverage in DC to be excellent - especially in downtown buildings as long as is not basement floors. Maybe you have an old PRL since this isn't your "home" area.
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    Good idea. I will see if Sprint will give me a PRL update. I am in the center of the universe here and should be getting at least 5 bars.
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    Follow-up. Walking from Tax Court (its what I do) to the Senate Office Buildings. The 700wx is roaming again. This is The Center of The Universe and Sprint shouldn't be having troubles. I call *2 and after 20 f-ing minutes on the phone (I miss T-Mobile) they send me a PRL update. So far it is full strength and EVDO everywhere. Especially in the Cannon House Office Bldg. There must be an internal repeater here.

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    Cool, I'm glad you got it to work. Coverage on the Hill is really good.

    I'd hate to be a Congresswoman and be expected to have "helmet hair" all the time. Think it's a bad hair day today, just wait until it starts getting humid around here.
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    Sprint coverage in DC is generally excellent, considering it's where sprint started it's mobile service (back in the sprint spectrum days).
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    Interesting. I had no issue with the 755p. Granted, I wasnt footin the bill for it so didn't care when it was roaming, especailly underground.
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    Yesterday here in beautiful Pasadena, California I was roaming on VZW. I think it was because I was coming out of a parking garage (VZW coverage in there but not Sprint -- I'm impressed with VZW) and when I came out into Sprint's 4-bar territoory my 700wx didn't know how to drop roaming and go back to the home network. I powered down and then powered up to re-establish myself on the Sprint network. (This only matters for data speed).

    So it isn't all Washington DC's fault.
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    Part of that's because of a simple matter of radio frequency.

    Sprint is usually at 1800mhz and verizon normally at 800mhz (though I believe in some places its switched). Higher frequency generally penetrates buildings less well. For instance see AM radio vs. FM. It's not always an issue of VZW being "better" than sprint. And with free roaming, it doesn't matter much
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    I've only been with Sprint since Monday so excuse me for this question. How do you know who's site you're roaming on? I've been on Verizon since...forever and if I was roaming I never knew it, much less who's tower I was using. Also, excuse this as well but what is a PRL update? Thanks.
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