I woke up this morning to find both my Sprint 650 and 700p would drop every call I tried to make within a couple seconds.. I'm getting one or two signal bars, often dropping to no bars at all.. if it was happening with one phone I might suspect the hardware, but it's happening with both so I used my regular landline home phone and called Sprint Tech support..

The outage was confirmed by a Sprint Tech support rep after I sat on hold
for twenty minutes (proving they must be getting a LOT of calls about it.)..
she said it's affecting anyone within a fifty mile radius of El Lay.. I said lady do you mean downtown? She just repeated the same thing. I'll assume she means downtown. I'm within that radius..

If Sprint has 40 million customers nationwide, as I've been told (second only to Verizon..) .. then such an outage would have
to be affecting at least a million customers or more.. it's not a total
outage, but is causing a very weak cell phone signal and the guys in the
jumpsuits with the tool belts are working on it with no ETA.. sigh.. what's
weird is that on my 700p, I'm streaming live radio stations and podcasts
with Kinoma Player 4 EX so the data part seems to be okay but the phone part is very marginal to the point of being almost useless.. any call I make
drops in a few seconds.. how will I know when it's fixed? I won't unless I
turn on the Treos and look at the signal bars and try to make a call.. why
they can't send out a mass SMS message to everyone that a) tells them about the problem and b) tells them when it's fixed is beyond me.. I know they have the capability to send out a mass SMS.. I've gotten them before..

So if you're within a fifty mile radius of downtown El Lay and getting very few or no signal bars and every call you make drops in a few seconds, that's why.. Sprint knows about it and claims to be working on it.. sumpin' somewhere musta blew up, as they say in the trailer parks..