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    So shepherd and I have been bantering back and forth about pix messaging changes and he states that VZW is not going to be charging data. I have been trying to understand the policy on this for years now. Well, VZW has changed there policy when committing to their new All America Choice Select Plans. So digging deeper I find this in their policy statement:

    Applies when sending and receiving Text, Picture and Video Messages to and from any other wireless customer in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, plus Instant Messages, Text Alerts and Text, Picture and Video Messages sent via email. International Text Messaging is 15 per message received and 25 per message sent. Airtime charges apply when sending/receiving Picture and Video Messages. Messaging is available from within the National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area, and is not available throughout the America's Choice Rate and Coverage Area.

    They are now using a 1 minute billing for pix message!! That stated, if you stay with in your regular minutes with calls and pix/txt messaging, it's included in your monthly billing. Granted, you do have to upgrade to the "select" plan but, I did it and I am actually saving money compared to my original plan. (I get a corporate discount of 20% of monthly access plans.) To me and the wife this just makes sense. I thought I would pass this on as I am sure it will help some fellow TC'ers out there.
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