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    Quote Originally Posted by KStewart View Post
    You are wrong...I am a Sprint user and I love Sprint and have good coverage in my area and plan on staying with them as long as service and pricing is good. I think Sprint is talking about EVDO when they speak of the largest network...I think they have a larger EVDO coverage over Verizon???
    I think he was referring that Sprint jumped on Verizon's bandwagon and now bundles roaming networks as their own. And going by their numbers on their sites they show Sprint to cover 299 million and Verizon to cover 291 million for voice. EVDO numbers are neck and neck with Rev A covering 135 million on Verizon and 140 million on Sprint. Rev 0 are both around 209 million.

    That myth that Verizon has superior rural coverage is just a myth. They have their not so great areas like any carrier. If you look at Verizon's native coverage in parts of the West and Midwest it is almost nonexistent. Roaming coverage does wonders for their coverage map though .

    Just go with who has the best price and coverage for the area you live. For my needs I am very data centric person and rarely use my Treo for talking so Sprint fits my needs hands down. Even like that the voice coverage also fits my needs for the area where i live.
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    is there a map of broadband Sprint coverage? I'm trying to see how good Denver's coverage is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadman View Post
    depends where you live/travel. In northeast pa and NY/NJ verizon has better coverage than sprint. I don't use data on the treo (a sin I know), but I wouldn't go with sprint just because it is cheaper. Go with the company that provides the best coverage and provides what you need. After all, at min. you are committed to 1-2 yrs with whoever you choose.
    I agree with your post... it does depends...

    I have both services right now, sprint and verizon. sprint on sero treo 700wx (mainly for data) and verizon e-815 for only voice....

    The sprint phone will drop calls left and right when I am in certain places... columbia, sc... elgin, sc... parts of spartanburg, sc... little towns in nc...

    In a recent road trip, verizon kicked the sprint phone in the groin... went to atlanta, then on to Savannah. What I did find odd was that when I had a strong verizon signal on my verizon phone, I could not roam... guess sprint was making me roam with another carrier or something.

    I will say this is not apples to apples since the only way to do that would be to test the 700wx on verizon with the 700wx on sprint... the e-815 was one of the best phones for reception on the verizon network (just about hands down).

    I have a burning thought that the 700wx is the main reason my sprint reception sucks... but I don't have a regular phone to use on my sprint plan...

    I picked up the sprint phone in jan 07 and thought I would dump verizon in Aug 07 when my contract with verizon was up... as it stands, I'll more than likely keep this setup and go month to month with verizon.

    For data, the sprint plan cannot be beat. Period... I save a ton of money on data (vs. a plan with verizon) and can always get a data connection. Plus, the sprint phone works great in my house, so I use it as a "house phone" and save minutes on my verizon plan... can't beat that....
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    OG, I agree with your post 100%.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy View Post
    is there a map of broadband Sprint coverage? I'm trying to see how good Denver's coverage is. has maps . . . . select voice or Power Vision coverage . . . .
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