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    I just got the 700wx with Sprint and after going on the internet and closing internet explorer I notice that the EV and arrows are still active. Does this mean its still using data or is just active so the next time I use the internet it will be faster? I was told that on Verizon and I dont know if the same goes for Sprint. I have a SERO plan with unlimited data but want to run up alot if I dont need to.

    Last quick question going on the internet doesnt use my anytime minutes right? Im pretty sure it doesnt but I want to be positive so I dont have a ton of overage minutes on my bill.
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    The active arrows does signify data usage. Unlimited data means unlimted data with Sprint, so IMO no need to worry about using too much unlike Verizon's hidden limitations, and I use a lot of data on my Treo being with Sprint. Data has nothing to do with voice when it comes to minutes being don't be shy and use your data as needed when ever needed.
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    data has nothing to do with voice so dont worry about that.
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    Good to hear Sprint doesnt have hidden limitations like Verizon, and thanks for verifying that data usage doesnt have to do with minutes.

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