Hello all, I was wondering if anybody has heard of any companies looking for a smart phone consultant/mobile technology consultant/director? I have been searching for companies looking for someone with experience training, and developing solutions using Treo, Blackberry's, and smart phones.

I have been running a consulting business taking care of cleints, and businesses mobile technology needs for the last coulple of years. I'm amazed how people that own Treo's, and other smart phones don't know how to use their phones for project management or even e-mail. I can't believe the amount of large companies, and small companies that are outfitting their staff with Treo's and smart with no training on how to use them or that their I.T. departments don't know how to support the phones.

I'm also amazed that Sprint, AT&T, and T-mobile haven't filled this gap with consultants, when they get the contracts for a large company for the data, and service, to also charge for training (This woud cut out a lot of returns). I would love to hear other thoughts on this subject or where to look for careers in the PDA field.