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    Whaddya think...3rd party hardware and/or apps or Sprint?

    Sprint Adds LBS To High-End Plans
    * Posted by James Quintana Pearce
    * Wed 21 Mar 2007 03:26 PM PST

    Sprint has added its new location-based services to some of its high-end plans, reports RCR News. As well as adding the services to its $25 Power Vision Ultimate Pack and Business Pack, Sprint has launched a $20 per month Navigation Pack which includes the location based services as well as unlimited web browsing and data access, MMS, e-mail and other multimedia services.

    Other Sprint subscribers can buy the service for $3 for a 24-hour period. The new location based services are from TeleNav and include voice-guided, turn-by-turn driving directions, moving 3-D maps, local search, traffic alerts and a feature that locates the least expensive gas nearby.

    TeleNav also runs the new workforce-management offering launched by Cingular earlier this week, which offers GPS location-tracking, mileage-tracking, wireless time sheets, alerts and detailed location-reporting.
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    I sure hope they will add this to the BlackBerry plan since we are paying $40/month!
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    Or the PAM plan. Doesn't look promising tho - they are pretty explicit about the specific plans.

    How hard would it be to cobble the software together from scratch? or does it rely on additional data from the sprint network that is not available until you turn it on?


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