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    With the following info I called Sprint CS to enquire about the $10 data plan without the picture sharing (instead of the usual $15) and was told that they had never heard of such a thing. Can anyone else confirrm this? Or is there another way I need to approach it with CS?


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    At the moment the data plan is the same for all devices, EV-DO or not. You can get the unlimited data for $10 if you have them drop the "tag along" $5 for unlimited picture sharing. . . . I did the drop to $10 one week ago.

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    At the time of that post 'Vision' was the data service and it was $1O w/o the picture plan. . . .

    Now, you have EVDO speeds and a new plan called Power Vision. Pricing for it is $15, $20 and $25 . . . . depending on the amount of amount of 'free' multimedia stations or picture mail that you want. . . .

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    I'm a Sprint customer and I pay $15.00 and that /is/ without the picture mail... The next package up, which supports picture mail, is $20.00 and the ultimate package with all of the tv stations is $25.00.

    I hope this helps.
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    They have changed the packages around a lot... It seems every 4-5 months they change them.. My package is $10 a month when EVDO just came out, it just says power vision pro package and nothing about picture mail or anything, but I dont get charged for picture/video mail and even have a picture mail account online.. Now with the new system you can no longer add this package to a phone I was lucky enough before the system change to have that code copied onto the other phone lines along with $5 unlimited text. But again you wont find a deal like this anymore with the new codes and my codes are expired and can no longer be added onto new phone plans.
    Check out this site about vision plans it has all the answer and is updated by sprint employees..
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    I'm looking into changing carriers (verizon to sprint) because I don't want to pay what verizon wants for data usage.
    I've been looking at the sprint data packages and I can't find any $15.00 per month unlimited data packages, This is what i found.

    $39.99 40MB A two-year Sprint subscriber agreement is required.
    Additional kilobytes $0.001 unless Unlimited MB plan is selected.

    $59.99 Unlimited MB A two-year Sprint subscriber agreement is required.

    This was off the sprint web site.

    Can someone point my in the right direction for the sprint Data package.
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    Those prices are for wireless cards or phone as a modem. Look under services and features. You want to add Power Vision to your voice plan.
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    Thanks for the reply,
    I still can't find the price for the data packages. Do you need to sign up for it step by step till you come to the data plan to see what it cost?
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    Found it, Thanks
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    I think i am going to switch from tmobile once the 755p or whatever is realeased. Data is too slow and tmobile seems to be getting worse.

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