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    Hi all,

    I currently have a 700wx and a vision plan.

    I am going to be wanting to tether my phone to my laptop on occasion this Spring. I realize Sprint offers "PAM" plans for around $40 which would replace my current vision plan. I am concerned by this however:

    On this page it shows USB "tethering" is not currently supported by Sprint or Verizon. Is this true? Is anyone using the 700wx as a "PAM?"

    Also, would the usage of a program like PDAnet be a breach of contract?
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    I just dumped my Q for a
    Blackberry on Sprint. I pay 40/month for the BB plan which includes PAM. I will say it's nice not having to worry about tethering! If you don't have PAM, you may still be able to tether, but you have to watch your usage. It's nice not stressing over it.

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