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    I purchased a brand-new 700p from a gentleman whose company switched to Blackberry soon after he purchased the phone.

    Unfortunately I am having headset-jack problems with the 700p as Palm probably hasn't addressed the design flaws that also disabled my 650.

    I don't have a receipt from the seller. What can I do as the phone is clearly under warranty(since the 700p was released in May 2006). I already took the phone to a Verizon shop and they won't touch it without receipt. One rep even brought out the fine-print and stated technically warranty voided as I am not first person who activated the phone.

    I work for a large company and I replaced the standard-issue mobile out of pocket with the Treo for productivity reasons.

    I don't want a replacement, just want the headset jack fixed as BT on the Treo is substandard compared to wired.

    Pls. help.
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    if you have insurance on your phone, then it should cover whatever phone you have activated. Its a fifty dollar deductible, but may be worth it.

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